From the Life of the Marionettes

From the Life of the Marionettes


·  Drama

·  Sweden


Peter and Katarina appear to live a harmonious and well-adjusted life – he is a businessman, she is a designer – but their’s is a marriage where neither can reach one another. He is a dreamer and searcher, she is the stronger of the two who at times seeks deliberately to humiliate him. Peter has a dream in which he reaches his wife with his feelings. In the very moment where he experiences a total sense of possession he realizes his wife is dead. He looks up a psychiatrist friend, Mogens, tells him the dream and confesses that he is obsessed with the idea of murdering his wife. After a half-hearted suicide attempt Peter goes to a porno club. A prostitute triggers his impulse to commit murder. She – Ka, an outsider – becomes the victim of his mental blackout and not his wife Katarina.