Devil's Eye, The

Devil's Eye, The


·  Drama / Fantasy

·  Sweden


"A woman’s chastity is a sty in the Devil’s eye” is the Irish proverb on which this Ingmar Bergman film hinges. Accordingly, the film starts in Hell with the Devil suffering from a sore eye. And the trouble is a woman’s chastity. The woman in question is a pastor’s daughter. Britt-Marie is 20 years old, lovely and engaged to be married. The Devil tells his chief advisors that his weapon against the girl’s virginity will be none other than the legendary lover Don Juan. So Don Juan returns to Earth accompanied by his bawdy servant Pablo. They manage to wangle an invite for the night out of the absentminded clergyman. Don Juan attacks, alternating subtlety with boldness. Ultimately he fails. Although tempted, the pastor’s daughter will only give herself to him because she pities his suffering. Pablo, on the other hand, has better luck with the pastor’s wife. A guardian demon is sent to tell the pastor that his wife is in bed with Pablo. The pastor locks the demon in a cupboard but discovers his wife’s infidelity. It opens his eyes to life, however, and brings the pastor and his wife together. Don Juan, repelled, falls in love with the pastor’s daughter. Plucked back to Hell by a Devil he is made to listen to Britt-Marie on her wedding night. It is only when she tells a white lie to her husband that the Devil’s eye heals.