Woman and Bergman

Woman and Bergman


·  Documentary / Short

·  Sweden


Ingmar Bergman was well known for his commanding sensitivity towards directing female actors. Ingmar Bergman himself has often stressed how important the actors are to his work, and that it is from them he finds his greatest inspiration. From that perspective it is interesting to look at Ingmar Bergman from their point of view. In the TV-program ”The Women and Bergman” a number of prominent Ingmar Bergman actresses, Gunnel Lindblom, Bibi Andersson, Pernilla August, Ellen Klinga discuss their work with Bergman in film and theater. We are given a unique portrait of Ingmar Bergman as a personal instructor and coach, and as a human being, spanning from the earlier years in the 1950’s through his last theater productions fifty years later. The program is hosted by Nils Petter Sundgren, a film critic who has followed Ingmar Bergman throughout his career.