The Silence

The Silence


·  Drama

·  Sweden


Ester is not well, and when they arrive at their hotel she tries to hold on – almost sexually – to her sister but to no avail. Anna goes out and at a cabaret sees a couple making love in a nearby seat. She picks up a man herself and returns to the lifeless hotel. Wandering through the empty corridors of the hotel, Johan runs into a company of dwarves who take him back to their room and dress him as a woman. He plays with the kind old porter who becomes lost in his own memories. Johan also overhears Ester confront Anna and the man in her room.Tanks roll through the streets of the city. Ester is dying. Several times she thinks she has died and that her sister has left her. But Anna returns for one last conversation in which Ester reveals why she hates hetero-sexual relations. Ester hands Johan a piece of paper bearing some translations from the strange language. They leave. Ester will die now