Smiles of a Summer Night

Smiles of a Summer Night


·  Drama / Romantic

·  Sweden


Fredrik is a lustful lawyer living a platonic marriage with a virginal wife, Anne. Henrik, his son from his previous marriage, is after Petra, the family maid. Fredrik’s old mistress, an actress named Desiree is in town and he goes to see her. But now she has a new lover, the fierce count Malcolm, who has a formidable wife, Charlotte. All are invited to Desiree’s mother’s estate for a weekend party. After flirting here and there, Petra ends up in a haystack with Frid, the groom. Charlotte tries to seduce Fredrik, in order to avenge herself on Desiree. Anne realizes her strong attraction for Henrik.The jealous count, discovering Fredrik with Charlotte, challenges him to a game of Russian roulette, which Fredrik loses. Fortunately his gun is loaded with blanks. Anne runs off with Henrik, her stepson, and Fredrik discovers he has been I love with Desiree, and she with him, all along