·  Drama

·  Tunisia, Belgium


The hero of the debut feature by the Tunisian director and screenwriter Mohamed Ben Attia is Hedi, an introvert young man, who is soon to marry a fair bride selected by his family. Suffering under his manipulative, hyper-protective mother, after encountering Rym, a liberal-minded dancer, he gradually plucks up the courage to stand up to conventions and his family’s expectations alike. A witty, sentiment-free film, revealing through insinuation the situation in the post-Arab Spring Tunisia more than many a political commentary, astounds with a highly mature form. Its consistently realistic, naturalistic even, tone clearly reflects the pencil of the co-producers – the celebrated Dardenne brothers. Following an interval of two decades, Attia’s unpretentious, deeply emotive blending of an emancipation love story and a socio-political allegory was the first work by an Arab director to have been included in Berlinale’s main competition and deservedly attained two major awards.