Goodbye to Language

Goodbye to Language


·  Drama / Experimental

·  France


The Pillar of the French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard, was undoubtedly the most influential filmmaker of the postwar period. His pioneering years began with his feature film debut Breathless (A bout de souffle) in 1959. Godard created a true revolution in the film techniques of that time, he freed the film media from bondage and, by “rewriting” the lengthy film language, he introduced new guidelines of film narration, working with sound and with the camera. Even in his later films, he disrupted the continuity of the film plot and crashed into the existing system of film production, distribution and exhibition that was subject to the conventions of the Hollywood factory of dreams. He created a completely new form of filmmaking. When speaking about his latest film entitled Goodbye to Language (Adieu au langage), Godard said: "It is about a man and his wife who no longer understand each other because they do not speak the same language.”