Eaten Out of House and Home

Eaten Out of House and Home


·  Drama / Historic / Psychological

·  Czechoslovakia


The gullible buyer Žemla Martin (Francis Smolik) finally opened his dream shop. After a while, you get a lot of friends. Especially the former captain Kyllijána (Vlasta Burian), who come to him to drink brandy debt and sit on a bag of peas, where he talks nonsense. Its debt is starting to grow nicely. Later dupe marry an evil Pavlina Šustrová (Ela Poznerová). It can also bring their calculating mother, widow Catherine Šustrová (Antonie Nedošínská). These two together with a bun Kyllijánem use, but outside him are friendly. Later, when Žemla catches his wife cheating when he has become the father of a foreign child, and when he discovers that the shop is broke and completely vyjedený, poisoning. A best friend Žemlův captain Kylliján happily drunk debt for plum deleted.