Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead


·  Action / Comedy / Horror


Tommy Wirkola is quite a „novice“ in film industry (2007, he debuted with movie Kill Buljo: The Movie), but during such a short time he managed to get acclaim as one of the most original Norwegian movie makers. Thanks to his fancy in genre films, his endless humor and refined sense for drama, he brought to the audience several movies that were immediate box office as well as critics’ success (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Dead Snow (2009)).

In 2009, Wirkola presented at the silver screen a horror comedy Dead Snow, in which he lets Nazi zombies come alive at the frozen Norwegian planes. However, their mission is not at the end, and now they plan a total genocide - to settle old German scores. If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you'd have to assume that things couldn't get much worse. In Martin's case, that was only the beginning.

Sundance Film Festival
IFF Toronto After Dark 2014 - Best film, make-up