City of God

City of God


·  Crime / Drama

·  France, Brazil


Walter Salles presents Fernando Meirelles’ blistering epic of drug-trafficking, gang warfare, burning ambition and violent retribution in Rio’s most notorious slum. Based on real life events, ''City of God'' reveals the dark side of Brazilian street life with a passionate and explosive energy. 1960s - City of God: home to Buscapé, an 8-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a photographer, and Dadinho, also 8. Dadinho takes part in armed robberies for neighbourhood gangster Cabeleira: with Cabeleira’s approval, he commits his first murder. 1970s - Buscapé walks a fine line between petty crime and the straight life. Dadinho already has several killings to his name, and leads a gang ruled through trickery and cold-hearted betrayal. Realising that real power and big money lie with control of the local narcotics trade, he pursues his goal ruthlessly. 1980 - Buscapé finally gets hold of a camera and realises his childhood ambition. Dadinho has also accomplished his dream: at 18, he is the most feared drug dealer in Rio. With his army of young hooligans, Dadinho rules unchallenged, until Mané Galinha swears revenge for the rape of his girlfriend and resolves to kill Dadinho, whatever the cost. War erupts in the favela. But the film is not just the story of Buscapé and Dadinho. The true protagonist is the place itself, and the people who live, struggle, win, lose and die there.